We Provide smart Solutions make you react with your home by your pocket device anywhere and anytime



We provide smart lighting system you can control and monitor your consumption through your device



We provide a smart security system that gives you all features and full control to protect your home and your family


multiple Control

the ways of controling your home can`t be limited buttons, screens and voice all under your order



After sales service is our most important point to look, your home our home , is just one Home.

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We are making Memories with your Home
start reacting with your whole Home

We are pleased to offer our service to transform homes into smart places by providing several packages of prices and ideas to match the cost with the capabilities of the customer, so do not worry about this

  • Responsive Devices
  • Latest technology
  • Modern and clean design
  • Working simple
  • Premium services and support
  • several choices

Full Home remotely controling

Now you can control your entire home just through your mobile phone and from anywhere around the world. Worrying about leaving some lights on or forgetting any device to turn off after leaving house is no longer a concern, with homavel you can control your home and keep it safe all the time.


Smart Switchs

controling your light and Devices is easier now, you can check Switchs status from your phone and react with it easly


Security Camera

Start Watching your area and record it with Motion sensitive camera you can control your veiw more


Gaming Rooms

we provide full Gaming room designs Gaming room designs with rgb lights and figures,the Experience you deserve to live



we provide New more usable high lighting lumps which can light several colors and more temperature degrees of white.



motion, lights and gas...all of objects can be detected by Sensors to make your home more safe.



now you can sync your controllers and control all of your devices data with just your phone

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Our blog journey may come handy to build a community to make more easier ways to react with your home. Latest and trend tricks will help a lot

Smart Gaming RoomApkrino
Best Smart Gaming Room Building with all accessories.

If you want to build your smart room from zero with gaming style just start with us.

Room TransformationSilvatshu
Transform ordinary Room to smart Content Creator Room.

you just want to start get benefit of every space in your room tranform it with high Experienced team of Architects to smart one and more usable .

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